I am helping to clean the oceans by wearing The Ocean Cleanup sunglasses

The Ocean Cleanup is turning the pollution of
yesterday into the cleanup of tomorrow.

football fields

worth of ocean cleaning funded, of our goal of 500,000

Join me and The Ocean Cleanup going Full Circle

Each pair equates to cleaning an area the size of 24 football fields in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. I contributed so they can reach their goal of cleaning 500,000 football fields worth of ocean. Do you want to join me in the largest cleanup in history?
Help Clean
Lost & Found I found these glasses. What should I do?

Thank you for letting us know that you found these sunglasses! We are sure the owner of them would be happy to get them back. Please reach out to us via our contact form, selecting the topic Lost & Found. Please include a link to this page in the email as well. We will then reach out to the owner to see how they would like them returned.